Make your Mac (OSX) serve as a NTP time server

Some background to the problem

At the time of writing I work for NewsCorp and they have a corporate firewall proxy inside the office LAN which blocks almost all ports below 1000 to external services (ex: github, bitbucket, ntp servers, etc) unless you specifically request for firewall rules to be allowed.

I sometimes use my Mac to run some linux applications in virtual machines, so when the host is suspended (closing the laptop lid) or shutdown while VM state is saved and resumes it cannot resync the system clock (vm) since NTP uses Port 123 (UDP) the packets cannot get out or come back in via the corporate proxy / firewall rules. So AWS and other web services started reporting my requests are in past or not in sync with the current epoch.

So I needed a way to somehow sync the VM system clock automatically, since accessing NTP servers outside the LAN was not possible, this is what I did to make my MacBook Pro (VM host) serve time.

Step 1

Get a terminal and edit the following file, I used the following command

sudo vim /etc/ntp-restrict.conf

Step 2

There should be only 10-15 lines in the file, locate the last few lines which includes some .conf files using “includefile” command, just above that add the following line

restrict mask

“” IP and mask “” allows all IPs in the range “ to”, this is the range I am using in the Virtual Box (my vm management software, VMware and others should have a similar Virtual Network Adapters). Thats the default range Virtual Box is configured to use when one VM adapter is configured to use via NAT or Host-only adapter.

If you need a different range (such as whole LAN in the house, etc) use that instead.

So after the modification my ntp-restrict.conf file looks like this,

# Access restrictions documented in ntp.conf(5) and
# Limit network machines to time queries only

restrict default kod nomodify notrap noquery
restrict -6 default kod nomodify notrap noquery

# localhost is unrestricted
restrict -6 ::1

restrict mask

includefile /private/etc/ntp.conf
includefile /private/etc/ntp_opendirectory.conf

Step 3

Restart the ntp daemon in your OSX by running the following command (kills but gets auto-restarted)

sudo killall ntpd

Step 4

Thats it! Try running the following command from the VM to sync time. Set up a cron to resync every 5min or so if needed.

sudo ntpdate <mac ip addr>

2 thoughts on “Make your Mac (OSX) serve as a NTP time server

  1. Dear Purinda Gunasekara,

    i want to sync the time of 5 apple mac mini over NTP .
    Can i use Your trick to sync them?

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